Emil M. Heidkamp


I help people learn better with technology and help make technology work better for people. 

  • Learning Strategist with experience providing leadership and consulting services to businesses, nonprofits and government agencies
  • Instructional Designer for Academic, K-12 and Corporate Education, with a focus on online learning
  • e-Learning Expert proficient in all popular authoring tools (Articulate, Captivate, iSpring, Lectora) and familiar with dozens of LMS platforms
  • Software Developer with Product Management, Project Management, UX Design, Database Architecture and QA expertise
  • Multimedia Producer with Web Design, Video Editing, Audio Production and Graphic Design skills
  • Writer with experience in Journalism, K-12 Editorial, Copywriting and Technical Writing



Instructional Design



Whether the subject is algebra, customer service or computer-assisted brain surgery, there exists a common set of presentation techniques to help people of all ages master and retain new skills.  I've helped clients from Microsoft and the Washington Post to school districts and small businesses achieve measurably improved learning outcomes by:




Case Studies 


Washington Post: Economic Literacy MasterClass


With newspapers looking for new ways to leverage their brands, The Washington Post followed the lead of several other international news dailies by having its most popular columnists host educational seminars on their areas of expertise.  The difference was that, where papers like London's The Guardian held theirs as weekend retreats, the Post wanted to offer their classes on-demand via the Internet.


I was brought in to design a seven-part course on Economics with Pulitzer-prize winning business journalist Steve Pearlstein as subject matter expert.  Pearlstein delivered the course content as a series of extemporaneous lectures, transcribed by his assistant.  Though it took a bit of effort to edit the lectures to follow a more structured course outline, the upside was that I had plenty of quality material to work with and we were able to preserve the personable, accessible tone in a series of animations reinforcing major concepts.


(Requires Flash | Not available on mobile)




Kaufman Hall: Online 'Virtual Classroom' Product Training


Kaufman Hall, a leading provider of financial software for hospitals, offers free training for users at its headquarters outside Chicago. But as healthcare organizations tightened their budgets, many users who wanted to attend could no longer afford to travel. Our challenge became to create an effective online learning experience that preserved the personal touch of in-person classroom sessions.


Together with the subject matter experts, I helped streamline the classroom content to focus on the most essential skills, increased opportunities for interaction with group activities and review questions and coached the class facilitators on best practices for online delivery. We also upgraded the infrastructure, building a branded, easy-to-navigate online course catalog in Adobe Connect.


Participants appreciated the convenience of attending online and were surprised by how hands-on and engaging the experience turned out to be. We used their feedback on follow-up surveys to refine subsequent sessions.





Microsoft: Xbox Technical Support Rep Training


When Microsoft redesigned its Xbox 360 video game console in 2012, thousands of tech support personnel needed to be brought up to speed on the hardware, software and firmware changes.


As an instructional design consultant with Alpine Access University, I worked with Microsoft's technical experts to develop instructor-led online training courses to retrain the existing workforce to support the new model.  We also updated and enhanced the new hire curriculum to better reinforce some fundamental call handling and customer service "soft" skills where their support staff's performance metrics had been lagging.


Part of the class involved participants grading the performance of support reps in recorded service calls using the same rubric the participants themselves would be graded against in their final exam.  By increasing their awareness of key performance issues, we were able to achieve lasting, substantive gains in the metrics of course graduates and help Microsoft and its customers experience a smoother product rollout.

Digital Design



From print layout to UX/UI design, motion graphics and video editing, my digital design experience covers a wide array of disciplines and software applications.



Work Samples


Rogers Wireless: Interactive Smartphone Training Activity


When smart phones first came on the market, Rogers - Canada's largest cellular provider - needed to train customer service and tech support reps to support these new devices.  The following HTML5 applet, designed in Lectora, was intended to walk participants through basic features of the Android operating system.   Though this demo only covers one feature, the same basic animations could be used to model any number of the system's capabilities.   





Kaufman Hall: Convention Booth Promotional Video


In addition to my learning development responsibilities at Kaufman Hall, I also handle everyday graphic design and video editing tasks. The following promotional video (including the "bumper" with the company logo) was created using Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects. It incorporates various stock images from company brochures, with narration provided by a professional voice actor recorded in my studio.




Pearson Education: Fearless Flying Fleas Game


The Fearless Flying Fleas is a Flash game that I designed to teach estimation and measurement to K-3 students. The final animations were created by a freelance animator working from wireframes and functional specifications that I provided.



(Requires Flash | Not available on mobile)


Skills & CV


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I love seeing people empowered by information technology.


Whether it's a training course, a website or a fresh set of marketing materials, nothing makes me happier than seeing a project make a lasting, positive impact for an organization.



Software Skills


Adobe Creative Suite


Photoshop - Indesign - Fireworks - Illustrator - Premiere - AfterEffects - DreamWeaver


Microsoft Office


Sharepoint - Word - Excel - Access - Visio - PowerPoint


Other Tools


Lectora - Captivate - Articulate - Connect - Keynote - Final Cut Pro - Cubase - WordPress - FileMaker - SalesForce


Other Skills



Work History


Sonata Learning (April 2015-Present)
Founder & Senior Learning Strategist



Kaufman Hall & Associates (April 2012-Present)

Manager of Learning & Digital Design (January 2014 - Present)
Education Coordinator (April 2012 - December 2013)



Alpine Access (March 2011 - January 2012)

Instructional Designer



Pearson Education (July 2005 - February 2010)

Instructional Designer (September 2009 - February 2010)
Senior Project Manager (August 2007 - August 2009)
Multimedia Specialist (July 2005 - August 2007)



Select Freelance Clients (1999 - April 2012)





BA in History from University of Illinois @ Chicago (1999)




Dennis Tarwood

Product Development Manager
ETA Hand2Mind

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Scott MacQuarrie

Senior Instructional Designer
Zurich North America

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Dan Seargeant

Vice President
Kaufman Hall & Associates

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